About Us

OCC Escrow builds upon the twenty years of experience of Culture Escrow in Los Angeles. Wendy Hwang, head escrow officer at OCC Escrow, previously worked as an escrow officer at Culture Escrow for 15 years. Now OCC Escrow is open in Irvine, where she has lived for over 20 years. Her caring personality and work ethic has ensured that her customers have received great service and peace of mind with all their escrow needs.

OCC Escrow also offers an accommodating staff and a personalized service for each of our customers. In addition, we welcome Chinese language customers. Contact us today to set up your appointment!

Mission Statement

The mission of OCC Escrow is to make the homebuying or refinancing process as hassle-free as possible. The process is not a simple one, so we strive to make sure that any obstacle encountered along the way are handled skillfully in a professional manner. We will stop at nothing to get you home!

Meet our chief escrow officer, Wendy Hwang

Wendy Hwang has been working as a certified escrow officer in Southern California for the past twenty years. She has lived in Southern California since 1987 and Orange County since 1989. Those who have worked with her know she has a work ethic that is unparalleled, and those close to her know that she possesses a special kindness, and these traits are reflected in the way she interacts with her clients.

The Can-Do Team

With Wendy Hwang being the chief escrow officer and our efficient working process, we make a Can-Do team! When you partner with us, you’ll definitely know what the most high quality and considerate services would feel like!

Escrow Assistant, Sabrina Tran

Escrow Assistant, Meggie Rao